Music and Ambon City is inseparable. Music apparently has become core movements from a city known as Ambon Manise.
Musical DNA and Intuition
Inhereted within Ambonesse Blood

Music and Ambon City is inseparable. Music apparently has become core movements from a city known as Ambon Manise. Since Music intuition naturally attach in Ambonese people life. so emerge the phrase

"Ambonese was able to sing since the womb".

Along with it, great singers originally from Ambon has brought Indonesia to its prime with their golden voices and amazing performance both nationally and internationally which overruled Music market in Indonesia. it can be seen by the growth of local music industry in forms of recording or live music that results various prestige both national or international.

Based on that potentions, then government of Ambon City has launched Ambon as City of Music on Ambon Jazz Music Festival 2011. these potentions then followed-up by the Creative Economy Institution of Indonesian Republic (BEKRAF RI) along with Maluku Province Government to Launch World City Of Music UNESCO version on October 29th 2016 at Lapangan Merdeka Ambon.

That Launched had been followed by 25 consisted action plan as part of Unesco Creative Cities Network requirements and divided into 5 pilars of World City Of Music expansion i.e: Musician and Community, Infrastructure, Music Industry dan Music Education, and Socio-Cultural Values. These 5 pillars furthermore will be a guide to the expansion of Ambon towards World City of Music and its implementations by the AMO (Ambon Music Office).

AMO has its function to prepare strategy towards World City of Music in coordination technically with BEKRAF RI and Ambon City Government including on become center of information especally about music. this kind of efforts are executable requirements to nominate Ambon as World City Of Music in 2019.

In its processes, Music Creative Department in Ambon also cooperate internationally with previous Unesco's World City of Music and in combinations of music department and other creative departments.

he role of Ambon as World City of Music not only effected to musician and those who are profesional in music. but also as a sustainable economy development of Ambon people to build new power and human resource potention.

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